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Advising you through your financial journey to financial freedom

Our Specialities

Financial Guidance Services

Diversified Investments

Providing better returns with lower risk over the long haul.

Residential Mortgages

Providing options to fund your way in to a home or to refinance an existing one.

Risk Services

Offering independant insurance advice on managing your risk.

Superannuation SMSF

Providing various fund options for your retirement income.

We Believe

Smarter information leads to smarter investments.

With this in mind, our approach to Financial Planning is to provide diversified offerings, from Investments through to Business and Personal Insurance, Corporate Superannuation, Self Managed Super and Residential Home Loans.
We believe financial freedom is a life-long journey and during your travels fulfilment of key personal goals.

Whether aiming for wealth creation or security for your family, is the vital aspect of your journey.

Our Goal

To establish and build life-long partnerships with our customers.

Tailored To Your Goals

Our recommendations are tailored to meet your individual needs and requirements.

No Obligation Consultation

An initial consultation with our advisers is confidential and has no obligation.

Professional Mentoring

One26 also provides the tools and support to grow the businesses of other financial planning groups.

Balanced Risk Management

We provide a balance between entrepreneurial freedom to grow your business and control through risk management.

Life-long Partnerships

Whether you are creating, acculumating, cultivating, preserving, or enjoying your investments, one26’s paramount aim is the protection of your capital and financial investments.

Ongoing Strategy

We combine your journey with our’s to deliver sound and practical advice, securing strategies that are paramount to your financial freedom.

Why Choose Us

One26 Offers Financial Services For All

Simply Better Financial Services.

Diversified Investments

We consider the diversification of investments, over the long haul, provide better returns with lower risk.

Residential Mortgages

We specialise in packaging home loans to continue our customers’ wealth and financial strategies.

Risk Services

As an independent service provider, we compare and select from a wide range of insurance providers to recommend the best products for you.

Superannuation SMSF

We provide various superannuation fund options for retirement, so the accumulation within your funds over your working life can be utilised as an income during retirement.

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Diversified Investments

Residential Mortgages

Risk Services

Superannuation SMSF

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