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Establishing a Self Managed Super Fund

There are many benefits to establishing a Self Managed Super Fund, making SMSF’s very topical but are they for everyone? Having the opportunity to take control of your future, particularly for your later years, is important. We all put a portion of our salary away into super for retirement but what happens to that money in the meantime?

Consider your options and seek specialist advice

One26’s SMSF Specialists will spend a half an hour with you, obligation free, to assess whether or not you are eligible to establish a SMSF.

Why one26?

One26 is not a service provider of documents. There is no tick and flick on your computer in order to have standard template documents printed in 5 minutes. One26 is an integrated financial services group providing a range of services, who you can contact at any time.

What happens after an SMSF is established

There is a lot that needs to be done regularly with a SMSF however the investment strategy is where you get to be involved and have some control over what happens with your hard earned money. The administration and compliance can be maintained by us, which takes the worry out of it for you.

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Register for your FREE no-obligation SMSF Consultation