Is your invesment loan weighing you down? Check out our 2% Loyalty discount Investment Loan Home Loan

Do you want a way to combat falling rental rates?

Base on a Owner Occupied Loan of $550,000 and an Investment Loan of $800,000 with the Portfolio Loan Facility, Landlords that are eligible for the 2% Loyalty Discount would save approximately $8,250 in the first year.

Owner Occupied Loan

Investment Loan

Potential Savings

This is an exciting new lending innovation for investors. We have negotiated a Loyalty Discount portfolio offer… The Portfolio Loan facility. To be eligible a client must have a Home and Investment Loan in their portfolio. When they have both loans with us, we can apply a special loyalty discount of up to 2%.

Meaning potentially better tax returns and more disposable income for investors and the potential to pay owner occupied loans off sooner.

Own Your Own Home Sooner

Through the customer loyalty rebate, multiple offset accounts and salary crediting.


Keeping transactions in separate sub-accounts for budgeting and taxation purposes.


The make-up of portfolio facilities and a new customer loyalty rebate will be determined.

Establish Offset Accounts

For each Investment loan and have the benefit applied to their home loan.


Flexibility of naming their loan and offset accounts via the internet.