One26 is committed to putting the needs and values of our clients first. We provide a fresh new world of financial planning where our organisation drives to add value to all clients.

At One26 we strive to provide our clients with financial comfort and security.

Financial Planning Is A Journey

Financial Planning | Planning Is A Journey

We believe that financial planning is a lifelong journey that seeks to fulfil your personal goals. Because of this, it is imperative that you work with like minded people who share your values and want to assist you in securing your financial future.

Our Advisers have meaningful and honest conversations with you, the client, to ensure that our advice is based on what you want and tailored to your needs. Our strategies are innovative and specific to each individual.

Everyone Is Different

Financial Planning | Everyone Is Different

We know that no two lives are the same. Everyone has different needs and wants. We focus on areas that allow you to develop and appreciate your difference. We prefer to tell you upfront if we cannot provide what you are looking for, rather than disappoint you later.

We don’t just get the job done. We make sure the job is right for you. We listen to what you want, and not what we ‘think’ you want. We encourage you to choose your service levels and accordingly the fees you pay.

We Look After YOU

Financial Planning | We Care For You

After setting up your Plan, continued progress towards those goals and peace-of-mind will depend largely on knowing that your interests are being looked after, and that you are going to be kept informed of the progress of your Plan in the ever changing economic conditions.

In other words, you will know that your Financial Plan will be expertly reviewed and that you will receive regular progress reports in a time frame that suit you.

Results Require Cooperation

Financial Planning | Cooperation

We are not a one size fits all firm however we have provided four levels of service to ensure we are able to help you reach financial comfort and security. These levels are aimed at moving with you. As you grow and achieve your goals and objectives we are able to transition you to your next stage.

In order to understand your situation and provide you with the best possible outcome, we will work with other professional services as well. These may be professionals that you currently use or professionals that we currently work with.

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