Risk Services

As an independent service provider, we compare and select from a wide range of insurance providers to recommend the best products for you.

Personal Insurance





Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)


Income Protection (IP)


Life Insurance

Our committment to intimately understand your needs and aspirations helps us deliver innovative solutions to protect your wealth, giving you security and peace of mind.

We believe in a proactive insurance model providing adequate protection, identifying specific  amounts to match our clients’ needs.

Business Insurance



Business Expense Cover


Business Succession Planning

Business Expense Cover assists businesses in adequately insuring key staff for Trauma, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) and Life.

In the unlikely occurance of the above events, the business is able to utilise the payout towards the spouse plus financially assist the business to replace the key staff if necessary.

Business Succession Planning is for businesses with partnerships and helps the smooth succession of the business from one owner to another in case of death, or trauma.

This provides security from one owner to another and provides security for the family or spouse as well as employees through the continuity of employment.

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