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One Team. One Family. One26.
One Team. One Family. One26.

SMSF Services

One26 will provide various superannuation fund options for retirement, so the accumulation within your funds over your working life can be utilised as an income during retirement. We can also advise on strategies within individual superannuation funds or SMSFs.  


From fund establishment, investment strategies and advice, through to compliance and annual auditing – One26 can reduce the complexity of managing your SMSF 


Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

One26 brings together the latest market trends, insights and long-term proven strategies into your plan. We provide various superannuation fund options for retirement and can also advise on strategies within individual superannuation funds or SMSFs.  


Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are a very popular superannuation structure being used by almost 600 000 individuals, families and small businesses and account for billions of assets held in the Australian superannuation system. 


SMSFs perform the same role as other funds and are governed by the same laws. The appeal of an SMSF is, as the trustee, you have the ability to decide on your own super investment options or payment of your benefits. 


SMSFs also have further specific benefits for individuals and businesses which one26 gives advise on.  The advantages of a Self Managed Superannuation Fund are many: 

  • No hidden investment charges. 

  • Increased flexibility and control to utilise strategies that maximise and grow your wealth. 

  • Ability to implement strategies such as Transition to Retirement, buying a Business Property in your SMSF, Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements, Contribution Splitting, Binding Death Benefit Nominations and Reversionary Beneficiaries. 

  • Maximise your tax deductions through concessional contributions and salary sacrificing after consulting with your Fintech Financial Services adviser. 

  • Minimise tax on earnings and capital gains (pay 0% tax in pension phase and ‘transition to retirement’). 

  • Maximise your tax-free income streams. 

  • Our Fees cover total SMSF Administration service no extras for calculations. 

  • Self Managed Funds are most suitable for people that gain benefit to a greater range of strategy options such as company directors, self employed business owners and high income executives. A maximum of four members are allowed. 


There are a range of incentives for people to contribute to super, for instance: lower tax on growth and income earned on balances invested inside super. As well as tax breaks on personal contributions to super and tax breaks for employers who contribute money to super on behalf of their employees. 

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