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Why? Because all types of Gold investment have done extremely well over the last
10 years, is a hard asset it helps to balance your portfolio against global economic uncertainty by diversifying into a global market that is impacted less by the dollar than other investments like companies or currencies.

The majority of financial planners do not offer Gold investment as apart of an investment portfolio, research has recently shown that today people buy it for fundamental reasons like the diminishing value of the once mighty US dollar and surging inflation around the world. One26 wants to educate investors by offering flexibility in their investment portfolios to our clients and giving them the options to invest into smarter markets with their funds.

Gold might have been classed as speculative investment in the past that was used as a hedge against inflation but that does not seem to have as much of a negative effect on the gold market with some predictions noting that gold is likely to rise for the next 5 years.

Thanks to the intelligent and prudent research this is exactly what you are able to do, with qualified Financial Planners who can help you look into your current situation and show you how to invest your money to see it grow and become useful for your future.

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