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diversified investments 

We believe smarter information leads to smarter investments. Our approach to Financial Planning is to provide diversified offerings. Whether aiming for wealth creation or security for your family, turn to One26. 


Experience shows that diversification is one of the single most powerful tools for reducing risk and creating more consistent investment returns. A diversified investment is a mixture of different assets like stocks, fixed-income securities, and commodities to achieve the highest return for the minimum level of risk.  The diversification concept works because different types of assets may well have different reactions concerning the same economic event. 


One26 will help you maximise the benefits of diversification by bringing together a blend of best-in-class investment strategies, carefully selected, and incorporated into a range of professionally managed multi-asset diversified solutions. Spreading the risk among different types of investments or asset classes allows the overall portfolio to still perform well with less downside risk at any given time. 



Managed Funds 

We are experts in managing a wide variety of fund types including 

  • Cash 

  • Fixed Interest 

  • Property Funds 

  • Hedge Funds 

  • Share Funds 

  • Multi Manager Funds 

  • Physical Gold  



Direct Equities 

For clients who wish to hold direct equities, we can complete research on shares, market sectors, or both. We can also advise on specific stocks for construction of a share portfolio. 



Cash Management Accounts 

Consolidating your cash into one central cash hub can help maximise the returns on your cash portfolio and may even reduce your account fees incurred elsewhere. 


With our in-house credit assessment team, we are able to understand your specific requirements and fund the best loan that suits your requirements. Matching borrowers to lenders is something we do very well.

One26 brings together the latest market trends, insights and long-term proven strategies into your plan. We provide various superannuation fund options for retirement and can also advise on strategies within individual superannuation funds or SMSFs.

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